Day 1 Galilee

We've all arrived safely at the Pilgerhaus guesthouse at Tabgha on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee. It was a four o'clock start for those of us from Cambridge. Managed to avoid the fallen trees in Sawston and met up at Luton with the rest of the party at 5am.

Nothing much to report about the flight except that there arr lot of snow topped mountains in Turkey at the moment.

We arrived early in Tel-Aviv about 1pm local time where it was a warm sunny day. Finally set off at about 3.30pm and travelled north with the West Bank on our right past orchards and vineyards and the minarets of Palestinian villages in the distance. The separation wall occasionally comes into view; much of the time on the western side it is hidden by landscaping.

Eventually on our two and a half hour coach ride we headed northwest over the hills near Nazareth and down towards the Sea of Galilee.

The sun was getting low as we arrived. We already knew that we have a 6am start tomorrow so I don't think anyone will be up too late tonight.

The guest house is not exactly a collection of anchorite caves and it has been good to get a warm shower at the end of a long day. RL