Day 2 Galilee

Arrived safely yesterday at the Pilgerhaus on the shore of Lake Galilee and were treated to the most magnificent sunset over the Lake. See pictures. It is amazing to think that this must have been something Jesus witnessed many times - to think that he may have stood in the same spot and watched the same sun setting over the same lake, and maybe eaten trout from the same water as we did last night. 

An early start this morning meant that we arrived in Nazareth in time for a 9.00am Eucharist at the Anglican church of the Annunciation. The service was presided over by Bishop Louis, the Bishop of Rwanda, who has joined us on this pilgrimage. He reminded us in his sermon how God works with such unlikely material, how God grows things from small seeds, that Nazareth was a small town of only about 300 people at the time of Jesus. Why would God choose Nazareth?

The service was followed by a talk from the priest of the church who gave us an insight into living as a Christian in Nazareth. he explained something of the complexity of his identity as an Arab through culture, language and tradition, a Palestinian through nationality,  a Christian - NOT as a convert - in spite of the troubles of the past 2,000 years, there has always been a Christian community. He is also an Israeli through citizenship. PS