Day 6 Closed for renovation

Our guide on this trip, Peter, a Palestinian Christian from Jerusalem who went to university in Bethlehem, has written a remarkable book that is basically the narrative of our journey through the Holy Land. He occasionally reads thought provoking passages from it to us on the bus and for many of us it will be a valuable souvenir of the tour.


Peter's commentaries on the places of our itinerary have been so well informed, provocative and interesting that I eventually thought I ought to look at his book in more detail.


Closed for Renovation: On the road to Emmaus - a spitual guide of the Holy Land towards a permanent pilgrimage (2015) by Peter E Sabella pub. Emerezian Jerusalem.


In the words of Bishop Nigel Stock, "The Holy Land shows both the possibilities for human flourishing in response to the call of Jesus to turn and follow him, and also the ways that humanity falls into conflict and separation. This is a book that speaks of resilience and hope in a fallen world. It is one that helps the pilgrimage to hear afresh the call of Jesus to follow, which as Peter Sabella says, comes from letting the time of pilgrimage be one of " being closed for Renovation" so that one can "re- open" to all the possibilities of service in Jesus's  name.


As well as the text, the book is full of photos not only of many of the sights we have visited but also of other featured that are off the beaten track.


If you are interested in viewing or ordering a copy of this book please contact Roger or Petra.