Final Post

We hope you enjoyed the blog. A large selection of photos of the pilgrimage in chronological order can be found on Roger's web site with a map.


For those interested in the technical aspects, the blog was mainly edited via a Google Nexus 6p using the Jimdo Pro web platform. Pictures were uploaded to the site from Dropbox. Most of the photos were taken on a Canon Ixus; the SD card reader attached to the Nexus 6p failed after two days so photos were then transferred on the SD card via another camera with a wireless link to an Ipad. These could then be loaded to DropBox.


The Ipad however was unable to access the Jimdo web site for editing. Another smart phone we had found accessing the website for editing was too slow. This was why we used the solution of emailed text converted to pdf and then uploaded to the website. At least it all worked!