Lindisfarne 2

7:30 Morning Prayer started the day well, a glance down to St Cuthbert’s island, still surrounded by water.

We retreated into the gardens after an excellent breakfast to sing and pray again, then 'twas time to rush back across the causeway to find a boat to take us to The Farne Islands.

Sadly too late for puffins nor guillemots; we did see cormorants, shags, kittiwakes and seals before landing and climbing high above the cliffs to eat lunch in the middle of an ocean.

Back on Holy Island we set off to explore, walking out way beyond the castle to a beach filled with cairns, hundreds  and hundreds of towers built from stones and rocks, each a different story, memory. It was here we gathered on the shore, ankle deep in water and each renewed our baptismal vows. For some the first time to rethink vows made on our behalf as babies.

Dusk falling, we walked, sang, danced our way back to MaryGate.
Though I didn’t hear them, I suppose if you had listened hard, 13 sets of snores soon joined the islands rhythmic movement, in and out, in and out, in a…...