Lindisfarne Youth Pilgrimage 2018

Our third youth pilgrimage to Holy Island

A long long way up the A1(M),
we crossed the tidal roadway
back onto the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.
We immeadiately set about exploring the beaches
- and letting off steam.
Following the poles to walk the causeway,
mainland to island,
(pilgrims have done so for centuries now,)
a reminder of harshness and beauty,
a life for monks and island dwellers in times gone by.
You can see here too a shelter
built should you be caught by the tide.
Still used today,
several hours must be passed on this small open to the elements platform
till the tide recedes.

A cold and wet trip to The Farne Islands,
so much to see on the way.
But as we arrived the sun came out,
we sat high above the North Sea to munch our lunch.
Cairn building, walks and Sunsets,
Services, moonlight and a final goodbye.

And then we were gone,
We’d built Community,
fought, worked and played together,
eaten and grown together,
prayed together,
new memories, new friends, new thoughts
and another touch of God’s inspiration in our lives.