Thought For The Day - Friday

Jesus heals a blind and deaf man

Mark 7:31-end


In this passage Mark describes Jesus healing a blind and deaf man. This is a miraculous event and not the first Jesus has carried out. What draws our attention in this one is the significance of the man being blind and deaf and Jesus opening his eyes and clearing his ears. He is not only being healed physically but spiritually too and we can use his experience to encourage our own spiritual growth. 


He comes to Jesus, with his friends supporting him and they all have faith enough to ask Jesus for help. In a way we also go to Jesus blind and deaf. We can’t always see what God is doing or what he wants us to do, we are blind to His ways and deaf to His message. We can’t always hear what He is saying to us. Through Jesus we will be able to. Approaching Jesus in prayer and with faith, He will open our eyes and clear our ears and if we listen carefully we may just hear and see what God is saying. It’s not always easy, there’s so much other noise going on around us. TV’s, laptops, zoom meetings, family chatter etc but if we can find that moment of quiet to come to Jesus in prayer asking for our eyes to be opened and our ears to be cleared and if we can just listen really carefully we might just hear. There’s so much to see, so much that draws our focus away, again the TV’s, laptops, zoom meetings, family, the world but if we just close our eyes, sounds counterproductive I know, and listen with our cleared ears we might just feel what He wants us to see and when we open our eyes again the view should be so much clearer.


Sian Binley - Pioneer ALM

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