Reflection For Palm Sunday

 Palm Sunday

(Mark 11.1–11)



'Hosanna in the highest heaven! Blessed is the one who comes in the 

name of the Lord!’


 ‘Mum, Mum, I’ve had such an exciting day; my ears are still ringing from all

the noise – “Hosanna in the highest”.’ 


‘Tell me about it; I’ve missed you.’


‘Those men, who asked to borrow me, took me to that preacher man, Jesus. They put their cloaks on my back and Jesus asked me to carry him into Jerusalem.’


‘Wow, what an important job!’


‘Was it? I felt very small amongst the huge number of people crowding round us, cheering and waving palm branches, which scratched my nose. But Jesus just stroked me occasionally, like you nuzzle me, to reassure me everything’s OK.’


‘Everyone must have been happy to see Jesus.’


‘Well, I’m not sure. The children loved it because their parents were distracted and they could run around everywhere! I think Jesus’ friends may have been a bit confused. The crowd got excited seeing him riding on me, because kings ride into cities, so he must be very special. But, I had a feeling some people didn’t like seeing that. They were wishing I was a war horse, and Jesus had come to form an army and overthrow the Romans. Some others were relieved I was just a small donkey, they were getting worried that the crowd would side with Jesus and revolt against them.’


‘How far did you go?’


‘We went right up to the Temple: it was mayhem! When Jesus slid off me he came and looked into my eyes. It felt like he could see right inside me, it made me feel very special.’


‘You are special sweetheart.’


‘I know you think so Mum, but this was a different sort of special, almost as if he was pouring something warm inside me. Do you think I’ll see him again?’


‘I don’t know. You might do.’


‘Well, it doesn’t matter, Mum, because wherever I go I will still feel I am carrying Jesus with me.’


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This week, beginning with Palm Sunday, if you have a day where you feel you are insignificant, just plodding along in your normal (or, at the moment, not so normal) routine, or waiting to be ‘let out’: remember, you too are carrying the Saviour of the World.


You can carry Jesus with you into all the places you go (when you can!), and to all the people you talk to (in whatever way), and to all those people and places in your prayers. There may be many different reactions, as there were for Jesus. You too may find you travel to tough places, but you will be carrying Jesus’ love and hope with you.


Breathe on me, Breath of God, fill me with life anew,

that I may love what Thou dost love, and do what Thou wouldst do.

[Edwin Hatch, 1878]


Canon Kate Aylmer
*Photos by Christian Hess Arava and Bekky Bekks on www.unsplash.com

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