About St John's

It is often said that the church is about its people, not the building, and in these pages we will tell you about the congregation, the parish, and the history of St John's. Of course, we are also very proud of our buildings and their story, and you can read about them here.


St John's is a parish-focussed church, with a strong local membership and a style of worship that is open to people from a wide variety of traditions. The church is just over 100 years old and is a daughter church of St Andrews, the parish church of Cherry Hinton. The church is located to the south of the Cambridge city centre.


For information about specific people in St John's, including the ministry team and key contacts, please use the link to the people pages in the graphical menu above.

The Second Edition of the Guide to St John's including the Guide to the Stonework 2009
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The First Edition of the Guide to St John's text by Beryl Johnson illustrated by Alison Harris 2001
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The First Edition of the Guide to the stonework and carvings of St John's by Ted Holt 1986
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