People at St John's


Here you can meet some of the people who worship and work at St John's. 

Our Ministry Team

Revd. James Shakespeare


01223 241815/ Email James 

Revd. Ceri Payne

Assistant Curate

Email Ceri

Revd. Nell Whiscombe

Assistant Curate

Email Nell

Revd. Dr. Muthuraj Swamy

Part-time Assistant Curate

Revd. Dr. Peter Heslam

Honorary Assistant Priest

Revd. John Hillier

Honorary Assistant Priest (Retired)

01223 844282

Canon Kate Aylmer

Licensed Lay Minister

Email Kate

Anne Rigby

Authorised Lay Minister (Pastoral)

Sian Binley

Authorised Lay Minister (Pioneer)

Email Sian


Jane Gardiner

Trainee Licensed Lay Minister





For more information about individuals on our Ministry Team, follow this link:

Our Church Wardens:


Julia Margretts & Joseph Phillips

01223 241316  - Church Office

Our Treasurer:

Roger Lilley

07950 088172

Email Roger

Our Parish Administrator:

Julia Margretts

01223 241316

Email Julia

Our Choir Director and Organist:

Elizabeth Trenchard

01954 201381

Our Parish Church Council:


For more information about our PCC, follow this link: