St John's has a number of activities running throughout the week, some regular and some for fixed periods of time. The main weekly activities are


10.00–11.15 am Morning service

10.00–11.15 am Children's Church

6.00–7.00 pm      Evening service

7.15–8.45 pm      Youth group



9.30 - 10.30 am Toddle-A-Long



10.30–11.30 am Bible Study group



10.00–11.00 am Holy Communion

2.00–4.00 pm     Knitting group



6.30–7.30 pm     Choir practice (trebles)

7.00–8.00 pm     Choir practice (adults)




In addition, there are a number of monthly or irregular activities, including Men's group, Women's Breakfast, Messy Church, Morley Memorial Primary school after school club, the music band that plays for family services and other occasions, Healing Service, Healing Group, and the Traidcraft stall. There are also a range of other Home Groups, details for which are available in Church.