The Companions' tea party takes place every two months. It is designed to give enjoyment for all, although it is mainly the older parishioners who attend. The aim is to enjoy each other's company and get to know one another a little better. In addition, we listen to a 'Thought for the afternoon', which is given as a talk or activity from an especially invited guest. A traditional cream tea is served afterwards.


The tea parties are held in the Wilkinson Room at 2.30 pm, usually on the second Wednesday of every other month. They are well advertised in advance, so please check the church calendar or parish magazine for the details. For reports on our meetings please follow this link.


The knitting group meets every Wednesday at 2pm in the Wilkinson Room, and joins with the Companions' tea party when held.


There is also a group of Visiting Companions who visit the housebound, the sick, or those just needing a bit of company now and again.


For more information, please contact June Huntsman.