Christian Mission

In the Bible we see how God cares for everyone in the world, and our response as Christians is to reflect this care, and support others doing likewise. This is what we call mission. Mission takes on many forms. It starts with our neighbours and spans the world. It is practical and spiritual, showing care for the whole person.


At St. John's we have always believed that as a church – a body of people – we should make special efforts to help the weak and vulnerable in the world. We are engaged in Mission Action Planning, finding ways to serve our local community, as well as continuing our support those Christians working in key areas and in difficult circumstances overseas.


In terms of Overseas Mission we provide regular support, in terms of prayer and finance, to

  • a church in a poor township in Lentegeur, Cape Town, South Africa
  • mission partners in North India working with victims of human trafficking, through the Church Mission Society
  • a nursery school in Arua, Uganda for very young children
  • a programme for training disabled and disadvantaged local people in physical and life-affirming skills in Burundi, one of Africa's poorest countries