Faith at Home for Children, Young People and their Families

From Sunday 12th July, gathered worship resumes at St John's, including a 9:30am All Age Service of the Word.


For those who are not able (or choose not) to attend Sunday worship, we will still provide links for exploring faith at home. 

Sunday 12th July


The Gospel reading this Sunday is the Parable of the Sower, from Matthew, chapter 13.



You can read it here


It is a good parable for thinking about the things which help us grow as disciples and the things that stop us from growing. 



In your family this week, talk about what helps you grow as a Christian.


You might like to plant some seeds, or go out into the garden and take some photos of growing things.


Roots resources for families can be found here and they also produce a children's sheet, which can be downloaded here

Sunday 5th July


This week’s readings are from Genesis 24 and Matthew 11.


In our reading from Genesis we hear how Abraham sent his servant back to his homeland, to find a wife for his son, Isaac. At the well, the servant meets Rebekah - who offers to water all 10 of his camels!


In our reading from Matthew, Jesus says:


"Come to me, all you who are tired and are carrying heavy loads.

I will give you rest"


Together, these readings show us the importance of sharing all our daily concerns with God and remind us that God is also with us, guiding and supporting us, even when we don't notice!


Activities for this week

  • Rebekah offered to water all of the servants camels; find out how much a camel drinks - how many buckets of water would Rebekah have needed to draw from the well?
  • Can you make a camel? You could draw, paint or create a model camel - if you do one, send us a picture!
  • Could you water anything for anyone this week? What about watering someone's garden?
  • Think about the week that's just past, can you see moments when God was with you, even though you didn't notice?
  • Respond to those moments by saying 'Thank You' to God now. 


External Links 


The Roots resources this week focus on the gospel read from Matthew. 


Children's Sheet from Roots.


Family Activities from Roots.


Talking about Corona Virus with the family

A really helpful 1 hour podcast from Parenting for Faith about talking to the kids about Coronavirus.


More general ideas for faith at home

This area will grow over the next few months. Do message Chris with any ideas to add!


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