Faith at Home for Children, Young People and their Families

Due to the new national lockdown, there will be no gathered services at St John's. This includes groups for children and young people. 


A number of our groups do meet online (including Youth Group and Choir). We also send our occasional packs of resources to support Faith at Home, particularly to those families with younger children, who are less likely to engage with worship online. If any of these would be of interest to you or your family, please do contact Chris


This page will be updated with weekly ideas for families to discover and explore faith at home.

Faith and Giulia are very kindly showing us the actions for a gathering prayer for you and your family to share before starting the weeks activities.


God Loves Me

From the top of my head

(Touch head)

to the tips of my toes;

(Touch toes)

from the lobes of my ears

(Touch ear lobes)

to the end of my nose;

(Touch nose)

from my back, to my front

(Turn round)

to my wiggly fingers,

(stretch out arms and wiggle fingers)

God loves me!

(jump up and down)


Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day

This weekend we reach the end of our Lenten journey. 


At home this week, you might like to start by watching this Passion Song, which with music and video retells the story of Jesus' death and resurrection: Passion Song


On Maundy Thursday we remember Jesus' final meal with his disciples, the Last Supper. We also remember that at that meal, Jesus washed his disciples' feet. After reading this part of the bible story at home, why not:

  • Eat together and talk about special meals you have shared with friends and family
  • Wonder about how Jesus disciples' must have felt during the Last Supper
  • See what items round the house you can wash - you might like to wash each others' feet, but you might also like to e.g. wash the car, or volunteer for the washing up!
  • Pray for those who are lonely or afraid

On Good Friday, we remember that Jesus died on the cross. After reading this part of the bible story at home, why not:

  • Make a cross e.g. out of lollipop sticks and wool
  • Talk about times you've been really sad
  • Make an Easter Garden (there are lots of examples here)
  • Pray for those who have lost someone they love

On Easter Day, we celebrate that Jesus Christ is risen! Read the last part of the Easter story together at home, and then:

  • Draw, paint or decorate an Easter Egg
  • Sing songs with 'alleluia' in them (or just shout 'alleluia') or decorate a banner which says 'Alleluia Christ is Risen!
  • Talk about how the disciples must have felt when they discovered Jesus was alive.
  • In the gospel we hear that Mary Magdalene went to tell others about what she had experienced; think about who has told you stories about Jesus and say thank you for them. Then think about who you might be able to share those stories with.
  • Pray for those who haven't yet heard the good news about Jesus.


For more ideas and activities for Easter Sunday, we recommend checking out these resources from Together@Home

Sunday 28th March: Palm Sunday


This Sunday is Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week. In our service (on YouTube) we are retelling Mark’s version of the passion story, and it includes people of all ages from the St John’s congregation. 


On Palm Sunday, we remember how Jesus entered Jerusalem, riding on a donkey. 


At home this Sunday, can you:

  • Find some branches and wave them, shouting 'Hosanna' just like they did on that first Palm Sunday.
  • Make a shaker using an old bottle and some rice, lentils or pulses. You might like to shake this whilst singing along to 'We have a king who rides a donkey
  • Draw, paint or make a model of a donkey
  • Read the Palm Sunday story (here) or watch this great video of it (here) and then imagine what it would have felt like to be part of the crowd. How do you think you would have responded to Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem?

If you would like more activities to do at home this week, we suggest downloading these sheets from Together@Home.

Talking about Corona Virus with the family

A really helpful 1 hour podcast from Parenting for Faith about talking to the kids about Coronavirus.

More general ideas for faith at home

This area will grow over the next few months. Do message Chris with any ideas to add!


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