Faith at Home for Children, Young People and their Families

Sunday 31st May

Pentecost, Jesus Mafa, Cameroon, from Art in the Christian Tradition, a project of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library, Nashville, TN


This week’s reading is: Acts 2


The festival of Pentecost comes 50 days after Easter (and 10 days after Ascension Day) and remembers when the first disciples received the gift of the Holy Spirit, which Jesus had promised. In the reading for today, we hear how all the disciples were together when the Holy Spirit came upon then. It was probably hard to describe something so amazing, but images of both wind and fire are used. After they were filled with the Holy Spirit, the disciples all started speaking different languages, which amazed all the people that were listening. Then Peter spoke to the crowds and told them about Jesus; through these words, many believed and were baptised.


Since the day of Pentecost, the Christian Church has grown so that it now has approximately 2.4 billion members across the globe.  Because of what happened on that day, Pentecost is often thought of as the birthday of the church.


For a video explaining Pentecost, with music and prayers, and a full activity booklet, do check out our Pentecost Messy Church at Home.



External Links 


Children's Sheet from Roots.


Family Activities from Roots.


Resources for young children, can also be found from Diddy Disciples.





As we celebrate the birthday of the church, why not hold a birthday party at home! You could make a cake, play some games and sing ‘Happy Birthday’.


Build a model church out of lego, duplo, or another construction toy. As you build it, you might like to pray for people you know from church and for people you would like to become part of the church. If you're one of our older young people, you might like to use computer software or e.g. Minecraft, to design your church!


At church, the colour for Pentecost is RED. How many red things can you find in your house today – maybe you could create a collage of red pictures or even dress up in red for the day.


Younger children might like to try painting wind and fire using poster paint and spreading it through blowing into straws.


Older children might like to try making these Kirigami flame spinners 




Talk to each other today about how you experience the Holy Spirit – what words would you use to describe it?







Sunday 24th May



This week’s reading is: John 17. 1-11



Jesus looks up towards heaven and prays to God.



Jesus asks to be glorified, meaning to be praised for all that he has done in sharing the message about God to others. Jesus has shared the message through all his teachings and has gained followers of Christ. Many people are aware of Jesus, of God and the Holy Spirit.



Jesus’s final request is to leave the world, knowing that his followers are aware of all the messages and teaching they have received and that his disciples will continue to share the message, whilst being protected by God’s love. 



Family activity: Reflection


Take a moment to stand outside together – standing still and if possible, try to do this quietly.


Notice the scenery around you, listening to the sounds nearby and feeling the weather as you remain quiet in this moment.


After a few moments, speak to another family member - sharing what you see, hear, and have felt during that time of stillness. What have you seen and heard which makes you feel grateful?


If you have some, take it in turns to blow bubbles into the air. As the bubbles ascend into the sky, think about Jesus and his prayer to God. As you blow the bubble and watch the bubbles release upwards into the sky, you can say a small prayer to God (this could be said out loud or quietly to yourself – it could be any type of prayer – thank you, sorry or prayer request for yourself or someone else).


External Links 


Children's Sheet from Roots.


Family Activities from Roots.


Resources for young children, can also be found from Diddy Disciples.



This week we are talking about prayer.  Talking to God is really important, because he is our friend and he wants to hear all about what we are thinking. 


Just like it helps to talk to our families and friends when we are sad, it can help to tell God when we are feeling upset or worried, especially when it’s something we don’t think we can fix by ourselves.  Lots of people are praying about coronavirus because they are feeling a bit helpless, but they know God is there looking after everyone. 


It’s good to pray when we’re happy as well.  God likes to hear when things are going well and he loves it when we say thank you for good things that have happened.  You might want to say thank you to God for creating something lovely you saw on a walk, or for someone who looks after you.


Sometimes we’re not sure what to say when we pray.  That’s OK too, because the Holy Spirit knows what we’re thinking and can pass that on to God.  And if we want to use some words, we can always use the Lord’s Prayer.  You might like to colour in the this doodle of the Lord’s Prayer







This week we are thinking about prayer.  Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray from Ascension to Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus.  You can find out more about them at  If we were in church together, there would be lots of activities about prayer and we could share ideas.  While we’re in lockdown, with your parent’s permission, you can sign up to this global prayer movement and be part of something huge, even while you’re on your own!




If you’re finding it hard to pray, don’t forget the Lord’s Prayer gives us a good model of how we should talk to God. 



You might like to colour in this doodle of the Lord’s Prayer or perhaps you’d like to design your own doodle prayer, if you do we’d love to see them!


Ascension Day


L'Ascensione (The Ascension) by Giotto,  c.1300

Read: Acts 1. 1-11


On Ascension Day, which takes place 40 days after Easter, we remember Jesus’ ascension (going up) into heaven.


Every Sunday we read passages from the gospel; the stories of Jesus’ life here on earth. Since Easter, these stories have focussed on the ways in which the disciples met with the risen Christ. But Jesus couldn’t stay on earth in this way. Jesus returned to heaven where he lives with God. From there, he continues to love the whole world and although Jesus is not physically present with us any more, he has sent the Holy Spirit, the comforter, to be with us.


On Ascension Day we also start this special time (from Ascension to Pentecost), where we pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, just as the disciples did.




Ideas for you to do as a family today:


  • Search for ‘Ascension Paintings’ online – there are many beautiful paintings of Jesus going up to heaven (including the ones here). Talk about your favourite painting. Then try to paint your own version, like Nell has!
  • Think of things that go up into the air e.g. kites, rockets, planes. Pick one and then build it – send us a photo or video of it flying!
  • One of the traditional pieces of music for Ascension Day is ‘God is gone up with a merry noise’ – can you make a merry noise today? Maybe you could make your own musical instrument using things you can find round the house!
  • Finally, think about the command to be God’s witnesses in the world. How can you go out to be a blessing to the world around you? It doesn’t need to be anything very big, the smallest of things can bring great joy.


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