Resources for Sundays

Weekday Worship

Monday - Morning Prayer in Church, 9:00am

Tuesday - Morning Prayer on Zoom, 9:00am

                  Sung Evensong with Charter Choir, 6:30pm

Wednesday - Morning Prayer in Church, 9:00am

                        Holy Communion in Church, 10:00am

Thursday - Morning Prayer on Zoom, 9:00am


Please message us if you would like to join Morning Prayer.

Service recording from Sunday 19th September

Service recording from Sunday 12th September

Older Services

Past services can be found on our YouTube channel, here:

Other Resources


The Church of England continues to produce a free dial-in worship service phone line, which includes hymns and prayers – phone 0800 804 8044.



Spiritual Communion


Spiritual Communion describes a means by which  person can receive full communion with Jesus Christ, even when they are unable to partake in the Eucharist. 


Two liturgies for this are given below.


Spiritual Communion from Church of England

Spiritual Communion 2.pdf
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