December 2017

Advent and Christmas

Our prayers

  • Praying for those who find themselves affected by natural or man made disaster. 
  • Praying for the needy and poor.
  • Praying for people who find themselves refugees, without home nor country.
  • Praying for sick people, their carers and healers.
  • Praying for our politicians and world leaders.

Heavenly Father
Reminded of those who've lost loved ones or had lives changed through natural disaster or man made atrocity, we hold before you 
  • rescue teams and support agencies, 
  • Governments and individuals
  • Families and communities
and all those involved in seeking healing and creating order out of chaos.
Lord, in your mercy 
hear our prayer.

Launching our Year of Prayer, we pray for wisdom and insight to deepen our relationship with God and our spiritual journey. Giving thanks for our worship and life together at St John’s, 

  • we pray that God may use this time to deepen our fellowship;
  • to create a still centre to our busy christian lives;
  • to enlarge our Christian vision and understanding;
  • to help us to trust that God knows what he is doing and is with us always.
May we be patient in seeking healing and blessing in our lives, our families and our work.



O Lord,

Raise up we pray your power and come among us,

And with great might succour us;

That whereas through our sins and wickedness we are grievously hindered in running the race that is set before us,

Your bountiful grace and mercy may speedily help and deliver us;

Through Jesus Chorist your son, our Lord,

To whom with you and the Holy Spirit,

Be honour and glory,

Now and for ever.

Loving God
Help us in all that we do, think and say to seek to honour you.
May we open the door of our heart to receive you and then see the doors that open up for us to take your love to others; Rev 3:8
May we carry the fragrance of Christ to all we meet;  2 Cor 2:15
May we be rooted and built up in Christ and established in the faith, abounding in thanksgiving; Col 2:6-7
May we enlarge the site of our tent, let the curtains of our habitations be stretched out, lengthen our cord and strengthen our stakes. Isaiah 54:2
May we be your song in the world. Zeph 3:17b
Creator God,
We bring before you all our prayer, all our work, all our study, all our leisure.
In all we do give us grateful hearts and a longing for you, whose source is your love and longing for us.
That we might find a rhythm and pattern for a life centred on you.
Redeemer God,
Who came and walked among us, who cleansed and healed and restored human dignity.
We pray for the healing of the nations, we pray for understanding and peace, for reconciliation and forgiveness.
Heal we pray, our fractured relationships, transform hatred and violence into gentleness and love and hold all our human brokenness in the glorious light of your love in Jesus Christ.
Sustainer God,
Whose Spirit ignites the flame of your goodness in us, we pray for your church in this time of political turmoil, that she may be a beacon of hope, a lace of stability and enduring faithfulness, a bedrock of your love and graciousness, that we make your face visible to the world,
in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.