We are committed as a church to ensuring that access to all activities at church, worship and social, should be available to all, and that no role or location within our church should be barred to any person by reason of the absence of any appropriate adaptation or preparation.

Access to Church Buildings

There are paths from the surrounding roads into the church. At the front of the church there is a wheelchair accessible ramp with handrails. Behind the church, there is a vehicle driveway from Blinco Road leading to a car park. There is one bay permanently reserved for disabled visitors; more spaces can be reserved in which case a message should be left at the church office. Access to the church from the car park areas is almost level. For fire escape purposes there is an additional exit from the vicar's vestry; there is a portable ramp to make this accessible for wheelchairs.

Throughout the buildings, doorways and aisles are all wide enough for a wheelchair to pass. Chairs can be removed from any position in the nave to allow for a wheelchair. There is a two step rise from the nave floor to the choir area and a ramp is available for wheelchair users.

There is a toilet in the Community Rooms block designated for wheelchair users which can be reached by level access from the church.

The church office is not accessible by wheelchair but there is an intercom system that can be accessed from the ground floor of the church lobby.

Access to Church Services

The church is equipped with a 'sound reinforcement system' which is connected to loudspeakers plus a hearing loop for people with an appropriate hearing aid. The hearing loop is also available in the Community Rooms.


For the visually impaired, large print and Braille versions of service books are available. Anyone who would like to know details of services in advance is invited to contact the church office. A large print edition of our weekly bulletin is available at church and an audio version can be provided on request.


At communion services, the bread and wine are distributed from both the high altar step and from the floor of the nave. The bread and wine can also be brought to the seats of those who request.

Gluten-free communion wafers are available if required. Please let a sides-person, duty-warden or member of the clergy know at the beginning of the service.


There are wheel chairs available at church for those who would like to use them. Please advise the church office or sides-persons on arrival at church.


Our Health and Safety Policy
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