Church buildings

St John's Church is a late Victorian brick structure constructed in a traditional decorated gothic style. Inside it has a large nave with 5 orders of side columns and a traditional chancel.

The main body of the Church has a standard seating capacity within the nave for a congregation or audience of around 240–250 people. The Chancel has addition seating – usually for Clergy, Organist and Choir – for another 28 people. With temporary overflow seating a further 20–30 people can be accommodated comfortably.

Due to the architectural characteristics of the building the acoustic qualities of the chancel for choral use are particularly good.

The church building was built in two stages – in 1896 and 1928 – but in a uniform style. if you have time, it is interesting to try to piece together the history of the building from various clues, including foundation stones, small memorial plaques, the tell-tale signs of gas lighting, changes in the floor pattern, and colours of brick cement and roof tiles. The history of the building is described here.

The church has a small car park with space for disabled use, together with spaces designed for bicycles.